Newbie needs help

I am new to gaming, new to flight sims, new to vr. I built a gaming computer and purchased the oculus rift s and installed x plane. For controls I purchased a used helicopter setup from

I am struggling with how to set up xplane and my controls for the best experience? It seems like there is a lot of dead play in the cyclic where I move it around and nothing happens then all of a sudden I get to a point in motion where i get a drastic response.

I don’t know if the controller is bad or if there are some settings that will help smooth out the responsiveness?

I’m a instrument rated private pilot so I know you need to be gentle on the controls and it just seems like I’m having to move the controls way too much to get a response.

Needless to say I can’t fly the helicopter for crap right now, lol

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Boomer. Welcome to our forums.

It seems to me like you may have a faulty unit, but let’s try to debug that. I am assuming you are using Windows. Please let me know if not.

Hit the Windows key and start writting “game controllers” (without the quotes). Open the “Set up USB game controllers” app

You should see a list of your controllers. Select the one you mentioned and hit the ‘Properties’ button. See if the movement translates to the little “+” inside the square.


Even if it does, you may need to calibrate your controller. Go back and calibrate it on Windows.

You will also need to calibrate it on X-Plane.

A note: in theory, you don’t need to calibrate your controller in Windows AND X-Plane. I usually do it anyway (even if just to have everything set up for other games as well).

See if that works.

I did not realize they sold used setups. Perhaps the one you got is defective. Do they have a warranty on used equipment?

They don’t. I bought it off of eBay from someone who used it to get their license.

Ok I did calibrate in Windows and xplane, still seems like a lot of play. I’m going to try and zip tie the spring and see if that helps

Gotcha. I was looking at that very setup. I could not find any used setups so I opted for the PFT Puma.

Not sure how the puma is but the simulated device unit I received looks like it should cost about $100. I would’ve been pissed if I paid $1,400 for it. I almost thought I was scammed till I looked really close at the pictures online.

I’m thinking on selling on eBay and getting the puma, it looks like a more quality built unit

So I recalibrated everything and I still have issues with the Pitch of the heli. It seems like when I pitch up I can do it in a very controlled manner but pitching forward it just slams down, no way to slowly control it. This is making it very difficult to hover. I pull up on the collective and it starts moving forward, I pull back on the cyclic and it ends with the tail rotor the touching the ground. When I let off of the collective, no matter how slow and controlled it just ends up slamming down. If I crank up on the collective I can get it airborne but I still cannot control the pitch.

I was able to find out that the cyclic control used in my setup is a Saitek ST220 it doesn’t appear to be a very good quality, do you think that could be the problem? They just replaced the handle and spray painted it black

The Puma is a great unit, I highly recommend it

@Boomer it may be a good stick but having issues with the electronics or potentiometer.

Does this happen with all helicopters? Does it happen on fixed wing aircraft as well?

It’s something definitely with the controller. I tried flying a 172 which I have hundreds of hours in and the there is a dead spot in the middle between fore and aft and when you pass that spot it drastically moves, once it does move it’s controllable though. Are the controllers adjustable or do you think it’s shot?

I suspect it’s a bad potentiomenter. It may need to be replaced, buddy.