New X-Plane Chopper Pilot :)

Hi guyz,
I am getting XP, and the Rotors AW139, and the Orbx New York, but wanted to know which other Orbx are best for choppers, the California ones or Florida…??

Just saw that for a reasonable price i can get all of Great Britain, damn i am confused now :confused:

Thanks in advance,
best regards

Believe it or not; default NYC actually has the most helipads. Orbx and Dryzweski both skip two helipads just across the river in Jersey. Orbx California has plenty of helipads; but very few are landable. Orbx has been promising to update Cali with more landable pads but that was a while ago and so far nothing. Great Britain is a great option if you are willing to spend more; Charity sceneries project and BOundless have made plenty of helipads there. Plus there are plenty of freeware ones on the

Thanks a lot, so it will be Great Britain then :slight_smile:

I am considering the AW139, Sikorsky S-92 and one from CowanSim of choppers , or is there others I should consider instead ?? (I don’t like the Robinsons and similar, and will be flying the Huey in DCS)…

Is there any other plugin/mods for XP, to make the Helicopter immersion/experience better that you would suggest (payware or freeware)…?

The AW-139 has some quirks; an update has been promised by the devs but they are finishing another chopper first. Can’t go wrong with the Cowansim Bell 222 or the Hughes 500E. Sounds like you like turbines and wheels (me too) but this is nice for flying skids…

You can try this one for free if you are on the fence about the payware Hughes from Cowansim

This is payware but is compatible with a shared cockpit plugin which helps with instruction.

PM me if you are interested in hooking up on Teamspeak or Discord for multiplayer flights or instruction.

Thanks a lot for all the help and support!! I have to first finish my homecockpit before I will be starting flight :slight_smile: i am waiting for my collective and cyclic, then gotta set it up…!!

but then for sure I will PM you, because will properly need some instructions and help in the beginning :call_me_hand: