New Pilot - What to Fly?

I wanted to join Black Shark Den to fly missions in DCS. They sent me the basic skills test and I can’t fly a basic traffic pattern or keep level flight (consistently and to a level I’m comfortable with).

So I was thinking, maybe I need to back up and just do some X-Plane flying. Get these basics down.

I’m flying the Huey in DCS, what would be a good helicopter to fly in X-Plane. I’m not up to speed on what’s available.

Any suggestions?


Hey John. Welcome to the forums. There are a few helicopters I could recommend but I would say perhaps the DreamFoil Creations Bell 407 or the most recent Cowan Simulation Bell 206 LongRanger.

Both are great helicopters and you can get great practice.

Now if your goal is to join Black Shark Den and go with DCS, I would stick with practicing in DCS since the physics are a bit different from the X-Plane ones. AND you will get practice with the helicopter you will need to do the skill test!

How does that sound to you?

Hi Sergio,

I will look at both helicopters and get going on that.

As far as DCS is concerned, I agree and will continue to fly the Huey and practice everything there. I was just thinking about using x-plane (which I have and never use) to work on navigation and radio skills.

I appreciate your time and help,


Ah I see. Those are great helicopters to practice :slight_smile:

ok - you started this… hahaha
sigh… x-plane configurations. I bought the 206LR
When I try to configure my pedals, it sees them as “other” but doesn’t offer me anything having to do with rudders - except for rudder trim.

Amy suggestions?


-as I clicked send… YAW-

All of the controls are structured completely different than DCS.
I’ll have to learn these… (something to do today) - smile


Oh yes! You do need to get used to the way things are done.

Don’t forget you need to set up the collective differently on the 206LR too :wink:


I finally got X-Plane working. My interior views were not working… (sigh). I had to delete the" X-Plane.prf" file from /Output/preferences folder and let X-Plane rebuild it on the next program start.
Then everything worked fine (the right-click mouse or keyboard views were not working).

Then I found a flight manual for the 206 !

I might actually get it off the ground this week! - hahaha

Thanks for all your help Sergio,


You’re welcome. It’s always a big pleasure to help a fellow simmer.

That’s exciting, John! Please keep me updated. I am super-curious about your path inside the X-Plane world!