New Cowan 222UT for X-Plane 11 - Cowan Simulation

The time has come to share some W.I.P. images of this project. Introducing the Cowan 222UT for the X-Plane 11 Simulator. Up to 16 hour days and 3 months into it, it’s really starting to come together. It’s hard to work on it without the urge to fly it :slight_smile: This will be affordable payware and will be released when everything is in perfect working order. This is a work in progress, so disregard any mistakes in the images. There is still a lot to do and currently working on some plugin scripts in parallel many other aspects of the project. It will continue to be updated after release for years to come. It will also be ported to Microsoft’s new 2020 simulator when the time comes. There is never an end to these kind of projects and I’m happy to share these images with you all. Happy flying. :slight_smile: You can check out the images here: