Nemeth EC-135 P3D

I’m posting here because I can’t post in Nemeth Design section. My question is it possible to install ND EC-135 in P3D v4.5? I search everywhere only fsx version is available, but HR SimYard released an add-on for P3D v4. Thanks

I’have bought the EC 135, and he works well, but I have P3Dv4and he is extremely sensitive ! and I don’t know HOW I can put him LESS sensitive ?! even with putting the Generals on Helicopter- modalities !?Otherwise, with the same modalities, the Skikorsky en Westland and free to download, it is really a luxery to fly with ! succes ! and if there is a person who can help me with the sensitivitry of the Heli EC130, plaese write me ! alain.dS.