Need help: acute sound problem in Bell 429 v3.0

I fly the SUPERB! 429 for about half an year and enjoying it immensely!

Until a few days ago everything was fine, and then suddenly the sound of the rotor went crazy!! All I can hear sounds like a very loud static noise during radio communication.

This sound problem doesn’t happen in any of other planes I use (B737-800x, B58, TBM900, DHC-6, UH-1, etc.). And I checked it with external speaker, headphones, VR - the problem is the same…
Nothing changed in the XP11: no plugins and/or scripts were added or removed, all the plugins are of the latest versions.
I’m using the latest X-Plane 11.55r2 on Windows. The computer’s software and hardware are in perfect condition.

Have no idea why this happened and what is wrong!

Any help and/or idea will be greatly appreciated!!