NDB navigation

Thanks for a really great helicopter! The B222 is my favourite now!

How do I navigate towards an NDB beacon? I can tune it in, but don’t find any gauge for direction indication.



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So no one knows? I want to know if it’s not yet implemented, or if I’m doing something wrong (missing something)…


Hi there,

I just noticed your message here. I may have missed something if this is not working correctly. This is now on the list to investigate tomorrow. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a soon to come update including FMOD sounds. I have been working on this longer than planned but will be soon. If there is indeed an issue with the radios then I will be fixing that too. If all is working well then I will get back with you to describe it.

Thanks again!


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@Peter_ESSA Hi again,

I realize now that I never modeled an ADF indicator for NDB navigation, so the ADF is useless at the moment. All along I have been using the NAV radios and GPS. I notice that some configurations have an ADF indicator where the flight director mode selector is located. But we want to keep the autopilot for sure.

I’m going to have to come up with something and I’m sure if I dig into the manual that I can find a configuration that will work. I will have to model from scratch like most instruments were and find a spot for it. The KI 525A Bendix King HSI doesn’t have an ADF needle and it would be unrealistic if I added one to it. Something like the KI 227 Bendix King ADF indicator would be needed.

Sorry about that! Work in progress. Soon an update will be released that includes FMOD sounds and lots of other super awesome updates. Always busy.

Thanks and have a good one,