ND Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma MkII

Bought this Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma MkII in August this year at Nemeth Designs , and having troubles installing into my P3D v.3 . on my Windows 7 OS.
The Install Window says that the installation file is not compatible with my Windows 7 version.

Have any on this forum had similar problems ?

The exe.file ( nd_as33212_v105.exe ) might be corrupt . Is there a patch or a newer version of this helicopter exe.file?
Or can it be my windows 7 is missing some updates, though it is not supported anymore.?

regards from Danflyer

I have been running it always on Windows 10 with reasonable compatibility.

Always love to ask - why are you running a sim on 10 year old software?

Hello Navymustang
Very good question… When i bought this high end PC , windows 10 was included, but after some time, and windows update … all my Assigned buttons in my Home Built Cockpit was gone , and had to reassign it again, and again .So i went back to Windows 7. It has worked fine for some years with P3D v.3 , and multiple addons. , but you have a point.
I had this concern about not beeing able to controll windows update. because they have done some damage . but perhaps it is history now .

Anyway … Nemeth Design has sold me a product which are supposed to run on both FSX and P3D, which somehow fails. I have installed hundreds of aircraft and choppers (Carenado, Cera Sim ,PMDG …ORBX etc.) in Windows 7 , and working fine .

Anyway , might be a good idea to use Windows 10 , as many of my addons is P3D v4+5 edtions as well