MSFS2020 - CabriG2+Bell407 - Configuration

Subject is Cabri G2 and Bell 407

Hello, guys,

Somebody have tips in order to correclty assigne axes for ( Collective + throttle ) in Microsoft FS2020

I’m perfeclty able to set “cyclic” and “antitorque” but do not found the other axes ? :wink:


You need “Collective axis” under “Power management”. I had to untick the reverse axis box.
I have used “Set helicopter throttle axis” under “Power management - Throttle” but its only working in the Cabri and not in the 407.

Looks like there is an issue with the throttle in the 407. Even if you switch it to Idle on the collective in the model, the RPM of the rotor and engine does not goto to a lower Ng. This will be fixed.

Collective is set to to “Collective Axis”

Also, see my other post on how to set up Trim and the Cyclic. Do not use Elevator and Aileron. That is for aircraft where the propellor is pointing the wrong way.

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