MSFS Helis

Just tried the two MSFS offerings and ran into the same problem on both (Doesn’t happen on XP11)
So in flight, beginning descent to land or autorotate when I bring the power back below 20% I lose pitch control completely. power back up above 60% the helicopter jumps and control is regained or if close to the ground it crashes… I’m using a i9-9900k at 5ghz w/ rog strix 2080ti. controls are usb Thrustmaster stick, throttle (as collective) and rudder pedals. Any ideas?

What type of helicopter are you flying, does it have a rotor governor?

When you say power to 20% do you mean throttle to 20% or do you move the collective to 20%?

Collective to 20% torque. 206 on xp12 works fine and doesn’t do it.

Sorry, I also forgot to ask at what airspeed range are you experiencing this out of control in the pitch axis?

If you are 20% on the collective and the forward airspeed is low, you are out of the transitional lift and need a lot of power to stay afloat. At higher speeds, you should experience a high rate of descent but not lose control.

From my experience, there were changes made to helicopters in XP12. For example, the DMO S-92 now has some issues with the governor. XP11 maintained 105% and XP12 only maintains 100% for the default S-92.

We’re talking MSFS here. 80 k, reduce collective, slow to 60. Lose pitch control. XP-12 and the real helicopter do NOT do this. I’ve seen controllability issues across the MSFS platform.

You are right you should not lose control.

Did you do the steps where you have to switch to the legacy flight dynamics and then back to the modern dynamics in MSFS? And are you referring to the 407 in MSFS? Comparing it to a B206 in the other sims?

No I haven’t tried that. You’re right I did compare the 407 in MSFS to the 206 in XP-12 which is close as far as helos go. Where do I find this procedure?

You might be a victim of this issue on MSFS.

Also see the known issues around helicopters in MSFS.