MSFS G2 vortex ring state

Just curious, I am flying the G2 and am getting the warning (heli shaking) that I am about to enter a vortex ring state even though my forward airspeed is 60 knots. Does this sound correct? I thought if you were moving forward like that you would be moving out of any downdraft you are creating thus avoiding a vortex ring state.


Shouldn’t be going VRS at 60 knots, could be you’re just misinterpreting the shake? Are you using FSRealistic or anything like that?


Yes, I am. You are correct and I didn’t even think of that. I’ll need to check it out next time I am set up for helis. Seems like that program is becoming more of an issue lately as it was also causing the HPG balloon to shake like crazy.


When I first selected the Cabri I didn’t check the profile on FSRealistic and it was awful, when I went in the profile it had used by default, it had a 1 star rating against it, there is another profile with 5 stars just below which is now the one I’m using and is fantastic!

I think that will cure your issues with the Cabri, and the HPG Balloon (with a different balloon profile)