Msfs b206b3

Hi Joshua, love all your work for our heli simmer community.

I just bought the MSFS B206B3 and are having a ball.

I know you are limited compared to X plane with the SDK and physics bit just want to confirm you have not released a setup manual yet?

I ask that as the throttle axis does not work like the native MSFS 206. is that correct and we are all waiting for a fix from MS?

Merry Christmas or happy Hanukka

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Hey there. Hope your enjoying the holidays!

There are a lot of limitations with the sim right now. I think you mean the native 407, not 206.

I had to code things a bit differently to be able to roll back down to idle from max. So as mentioned on my store product page already:

“Due to limitations of the sim right now, you will have to use a mouse or VR controller for the throttle . Hardware bindings will be updated by Asobo and we will implement the code in an update after that. There is also a bug with the turn coordinator ball but that will be fixed soon. This is version 1.00, so expect updates after feedback is received. We keep our products up to date, so you can count on us!”


Yes I meant the native 407 in MSFS, sorry I have 206 on the brain!

Hopefully MS and Asobo fix up the throttle axis ASAP as it takes away a lot of the immersion having to use a mouse on the twist throttle.

Thanks for porting across your B206 B3 as it really takes MSFS to a new level for me and in fact as a result I deleted P3dV5 as I think with your B206 I have all I ever needed in MSFS and I am looking forward to it being improved as time as time goes on.

Cheers for letting us live the dream!

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Thanks for the reply! Have fun

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I’ts now by and far my favourite helicopter in MSFS. I dont know how you do it but it seems to be better by far and superior to even the native 407.

I have also bought the flyinside version but like the B47 it was ok but I have never been able to get the flight model setting tweaked to where it feels lifelike,

Good job and I hope you bring more to MSFS of the sort of functionality in X Plane especially the idle release button but I guess this is limitation of MSFS at the monent.

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Thank you!! I will be bringing all of my models to MSFS. The idle stop and throttle work. But you have to use a mouse or VR controls. The governor and some things Asobo didn’t get quite right on the release of helicopters will need updating by them before hardware will work correctly. After that I will be able to apply the code and new functionality.

Hello, do you plan to release a next update of the B206B3 for MSFS with the option to hide the helmet suspended in the cockpit? Thank you.

Yes that will be added with the next update. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :+1:

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Will you add it to the msfs marketplace?

HI Does the 206 have a female pilot option?

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I added the option for a female pilot. The copilot will be new and a male an not changeable. Asobo has options for both but you cannot use IK chain animation when using the default pilot and copilot together. IK chains are how the hands and feet are animated and attached to geometry or nodes. When using both copilot and pilot AND using IK targets then they both try to grab the stick. I want to use the IKs so I just upgraded the copilot to a better looking model and switched to male or female pilot that can be chosen in the MSFS menu. :slight_smile:

Yes. MS takes time though. It’s being processed.

how do i turn the radios and GPS on ?? I have blank screens

Turn on the avionics switch on the top panel.

How to fly straight with this helicopter? I tried trim and trim and trim… but it’s like a kite. Impossible to trim and fly near straight.

Since the update its horrible to fly now totally screwed this up

Please elaborate. Horrible is an ugly word and happens to be that I’ve only heard that from one person, you. So not much weight behind your opinion. :man_shrugging: Probably the person trying to fly is the issue. :wink: Maybe you need some practice.

@ppetl Anti torque pedals and practice. That is how a helicopter flies…

yeah i kinda fly real ones do you? (although not Bell 206 i admit)
As taken you so log to reply i guess you don’t read your own forums much
Now if you had instead of trying to be funny or sarcastic you would have noticed i had said " after the update" before the update it flew quite nicely so unless i have had a stroke or some kind of seizure i doubt my ability to fly it has changed but its quite possible something within the flight dynamics has changed

So why horrible well it is, to be more specific I’m not actually sure i haven’t flown it since making the post, i remember a lot of nose pitching up randomly but advancing age and possibly the onset of dementia makes it hard to remember, if i ever revisit it and remember why i will post back
preferring a freeware R44 which is extremely enjoyable