MSFS AS350 default pilot weight

No big deal, but I noticed that with the AS 350, the default pilot weight is lb 100/ 45 kg. While not totally irrealistic, the default 77 kg / lb 170 of other aircrafts seems statistically more likely.


The 100 lbs means minimum of 100 lbs to activate the character models. Not that the pilot or any person’s weight is 100 lbs.

Ah, thanks, I see. Nevertheless, if I set the pilot’s weight, say, to lb170, next time I load the AS350, it’s back to 100. With any other aircraft, default weight at loading is 170. Again, no big deal, just a bit odd.

Yes. It’s very well known that Microsoft Flight Simulator does not save your weights. It was requested a while ago. So yeah, the weight goes back to defaults. It was 170 but I wanted consistency and there are a ton of options in the weight and balance settings. So lowered it to minimum of 100 for each. :man_shrugging:

I don’t mind losing the weight! :rofl: Full gear when flying military I was pushing about about 250lbs back in the day.

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Hahaha I don’t mind losing some without all the the gear on LOL. I’d take the weight I was in 2000 while in basic training myself. Gets hard getting older.

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What about the possibility of adding ballast?

Not something I usually have to do at 180lbs, but some of the other students at the school I trained at were closer to 100lbs. They would need ballast to keep the CG in range for solo in the R44 and R66.

I honestly haven’t calculated the CG for the H125, so it may not be necessary. It’s just a thought on the W&B section as the ballast needed would probably be less than the minimum 100lbs.

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