MSFS 206B3 v1.0.3 – PC/Steam/MarketPlace -- Search Light Position + ''BOTH'' Landing Light Keybindings

Greetings. I recently got the Bell 203B3, the H125 and the 500e, but with latest patch available on the MarketPlace, the Bell 203 has now became my preffered helicopter and mostly only fly this one now, always loved the Jet Ranger look. I am loving it even a lot form the previous version i had when i got back in the sim a few weeks back.

Though, one thing i am not able to figure out, as i cannot find the manual, all i got in my community folder of the heli, are the EULA doc and the checklist.

I love the Search Spot Light we got now, but sadly on PC, trying to move it with the switch is quite annoying, challenging, ok i can set it up before taking off, but once in there air, i will not play with it even if trimmed properly i find it annoying, but sadly i was not able to figure out under what in the controls it could be binded onto. Is there keys we can bind the Spot Light Position switch direction to?

While being at it, for the landing lights, i was not abel eitehr to figure out, under which binding deos the second landing light goes, when you flip the switch on the collective, you got, Off, FWD and Both, i was not able to find the one that turns on when we flip the switch at Both, only the one that turns out at FWD, and unable to isolate the spot light as well, if flip the switch that i bind to landing light toggle, it turns on and off both spot light and FWD landing light.


Until now there is no manual only the files you already did find.
So you have to read the changelog what is new and how it works.
Here is stated that you control the search light with the control in the cockpit.

As far as I has seen there are no keybindings posible for the search light.
However there is
Landing light left
Landing light right
Landing light up
Landing light down.

I was about to request Cowan if he could code the movement of the search light to these binding.
Because then I can control the search light with the HAT on my DIY Huey Collective.
I do this al the time with the Huey in DCS.

I know that Cowan reads these posts so I hope he can react on my proposal.

With regards to your other questions you can only use the commands that are given in MSFS and then these commands need to be coded in the model.
If you can not find the correct command in the controler settings than it is not possible.
Command that are present need to be noticed by the developer and coded into the model.

As I did say before. There are move command for the landing light but they do not work with the search light.

I hope this is any help to you

Thanks for the Reply!

Yup that is what i meant, what ever under what it can be bind (so many controls not used for Heli), does not really matter which one. The search light i exactly had in mind was how the Huey works. Seemed previously, on the H125 from a video i found from last year, it was possible to bind on the Mixture 3 and 4, Increase/Decrease, but seems not to work anymore.

So basicaly what we would need is to have coded to keybind:

Search light positions to mimick the Search Light Position Switch:
Left, Right, not sure if it is front or up, and aft or down.

For the landing lights and Search light what i meant was, when you keybind Landing Lights, it toggles the Landing Light 1 and the Search Spot Light as well, we would need seperate bindings:

One toggle for the FWD position on the switch (located on the collective arm). (Turns landing light 1 on)
One toggle for the BOTH position on the switch (located on the collective arm). (Turns landing light 2 on as well)
One toggle for the Search Spot Light independently of the Landing Light 1.

The issue for the 2 landing lights plus the spotlight, is only on the 206B3, as the H125 does not have two landing lights, i just purchased today the 206L3, but have not yet checked if there is also two landing lights on it.