Moving DCS onto SSD

Hello, I recently purchased a couple of 1TB SSDs, one I have already moved XP11 Onto and will probably keep it exclusive for XP.
I was intending to move P3D onto the second drive but think it’s likely to take a complete reinstall, so I may leve that until I do an upgrade.

So, what I have decided to do is move other games/sims onto the second SSD including DCS. At this time I am guessing this will need me to uninstall form SHD, it then reinstall on the SSD.
Just wondering if anyone knew of a better way to move DCS without having to wait ages for it reinstall it and then redo all my settings.
Any suggestions?

I’ve never moved DCS myself but I think @BelGeode may have. Hopefully he’ll see this and can pitch in.

I moved it a couple of weeks ago, but I did it on steam. It worked very well.

If on Steam, you can enable additional folders for installations. After that is done, you can go into your game properties and migrate it. It is very simple and worked well.

For DCS standalone, it’s a bit trickier, but there are instructions on migrating at the ED forums somewhere.

Thank you for the replies, much appreciated.

@ Zeb, I have the stand alone version - have XP on Steam though so that was relatively straight forward.
Will have to do a search on the ED forums - thanks for the heads-up. :+1:

You can move it but have to make a mklink on the orginal location.
I did this with P3D and with IL2.
With a MKLINK you make a shortcut from the original location to a new location.
However windows regard this as it is on the original location. So for windows all is at it was but in actuality the all the data is on a new location.
You need to do this in the dos command with CMD.
You go to the root directory where the program was installed.
Then it is MKLINK /D “directory name” “new location”.
For me it was in the C:\ games directory
There was a P3D directory
So i did MKLINK /D “P3D” “D:\games\P3D”
This gives a C:\ Games\p3d that works as it was so all the registry settings and installations work as it was. With the real actual location of all the files on the new D:\Games\P3d location.
So a move without a reinstall.
Its a need old DOS trick that works fine.