Motion Simulators- Where to start and advice

Greetings all!

I’m currently working on building my second motion simulator project, and I’ll share my progress here as it comes along.

In the meantime in case anyone here is thinking about going in this direction I wanted to post some resources for you and show you my first motion simulator.

The biggest two resources I recommend are: An amazing DIY motion sim community with fantastically knowledgeable and helpful members and critical resources including software and information


Thanos Motion Simulator electronics (You can find his site through a google search, the forum won’t let me add another website link.)

Finally, I’ll show my first motion sim, sorry there’s no helicopter content in this clip but rest assured this sim spent more time being a Huey than anything else. =) Note this video is from way back at the beginning of my motion sim experience so my motion cues were far from properly dialed in!