Monitor choice

Hi All,
What monitors are you using and what do you recommend ?

I bought a relatively cheap 27" when I set up my system (which I based around VR) but I’m wanting to try a decent monitor version just for a change…
cheers, Art

Mine’s a regular 24" so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help there.

Hi Mechfx.

This depends on quite a few factors but my general recommendation would be something in the 34" Ultrawide category with a resolution of 3440 x 1440. This is a good balance of crisp picture; additional field of view which is great for flying; and size.

For size context, vertically it’s pretty much the height of a 27" monitor with more width. There are great options in this category from LG and range from high refresh rate gaming monitors to normal refresh rate productivity models.

If you have more info, I can try and make some specific recommendations.

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Thanks for that, Im going to stick with my current monitor and save up for a VR headset upgrade instead… Art

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Good choice!