Mini-thumb stick digital 5-way

because I need a 2-way trimswitch for my AW-139 collective, with no turning lever, I designed a cover for a mini 5-way switch.

Additional I use them now for 5-way coolies in my other grips.

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Is that actually 5-way or 4 + push?

4+ center push, all 5 are independend. The old 4-way I used could not use the center only.

In my develop pipeline is now a “force transducer” for the OH-58D grip. :shushing_face:

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Hopefully Polychop and ED gets into an understanding so we can use that one properly :wink:

and just another type 4+push

as substitution for OTTO type mini-sticks.

I need them for the OH-58 grips. :sunglasses:


Nice! I picked up a Cougar Hotas and several other cheaper variants to dimension switch hats for casting/machining. I have nearly everything in terms of refs (my wife is scratching her head at my collection of ebay joysticks). I started on a Cayuse stick, but bouncing back an forth with doing an OH-58 as well.

I’m on the fence between making 4+1 switches like you have or making my own 4 way where the main switch axis is supported by a strong spring (like on the real sticks).

Another thing that would be nice is to make batches of switch hats that could be adapted to any type of switch.

Hi Zeb, what do you mean by “any type of switch” ?

Hi Yogi,
I have four so far that I’ve sourced. The three below and the standard thumbsticks on XBox controllers (they have a rectangular needle).

The middle one I’m most interested in, as it is 4+1+ a rotary encoder. Prices in at about $6+.
Some of these might require broaching or a set screw at a minimum. I’m trying to avoid plastic.

Hi Zeb,
your left shown is my new type,

(the housing will be printed with a DLP printer next days)

The middle is the type I use since 2014 in my grips, never used the encoder part.
The right one is the type I use in my AW-139 grip and in my newest version of my UH-1 collective.
The middle type is only useable 4-way, if the center is connected, it is active with all other movements :shushing_face:

Have they been working well for you? I was looking at ordering some up tonight.
I also like that the CAD models are readily available. Your design looks great. Looking forward to seeing it completed. :+1:

unfortunalely the SKRHAA did not have the positioning piles, which was shown in the CAD file, I have to make a minor change on it.

and I printed a positioning tool for soldering.

the milled circuit board to attach wires.

and a “unit” with wires for the Bodnar board.

I like the PCB mount. Everything looks solid.