Milviz shows Huey and twin-engine Super Huey, talks about UH-1Y and AH-1Z Viper for MSFS

Blackbird Simulations. That seems to be the tentative new name for Milviz, but only for the consumer market.

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oh yes, of course. milviz wants to develop 4 helicopters at once… I bet that they will bring the uh1 in 4 years, if at all. since 2010 or so, the C130 for P3D has been announced and shown in great detail. After that you never heard or read anything about it again, even in the Milviz forum the thread is dead

That’s not what it says in the article. They are not making 4 versions at once.

well, 3 versions (1H, 1N, 1Y/Z). albeit one after the other, the second and third models will probably not appear immediately after the first model, but will require more than just a modified exterior model if implemented correctly.

Yeah but they are not working on all of them yet. They have just the model for the N, apart from the regular H model.

For all we know, it may take years for them to start the other 2.