MedAir Flight HEMS

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MedAir Flightt is the new name and destination for the Western Pennsylvania HEMS Scenery Project. The concept has grown quite rapidly, with amazing support from the community to continue developing scenery. As I have devoted more and more time towards the project, I had no choice but to move the project to payware. Designing the scenery has become a large part of my daily routine, and I enjoy designing the hospitals. So, in an effort to supplement my primary income, and focus more time on scenery development, I made the hard decision to make the scenery payware, moving forward.

However with that being said, now once I will have more time to devote to the project. Expect many additional hospital releases, as I anticipate the project to only grow. User requests are always welcomed.

I exclusively design, develop, test, market, sell, and offer support for all my scenery releases, and will only be developing HEMS-based scenery.

Any Questions, Insights, or Suggestions are Always Welcomed!

As Always,
Your Humble Servant,

Shea R. Patterson

Business Management & Technology Consultant

New Release!

MedAir Flight

AGN St. Vincent

Located in Erie, PA

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