MD500E Blade Coning in Replay

First…Great work on the 500! I am loving this model for MSFS!

Not huge deal, and it may be an Asobo problem…I will have to test with other models in game, but the blades remain in the drooped position when using the MSFS default replay tool.

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Thanks for reporting! I noticed that flying online seeing the default helicopters but wasn’t sure if it was an issue for mine. I’m assuming they aren’t letting the code run for aircraft you see. Kind of like sounds have to be dummed down by us devs too. But I was never told about mine having issues so now I can look into it. I think there are ways around it with some custom code to show a different model for other simmmers to see. Just didn’t realize it yet. Have fun and thanks!!

After several reinstalls testing the last beta, I had hoped this issue would go away for me, but it remains…

I also have an issue on replay where retractable tricycle gear airplanes have the nose wheel turned to the right. I thought it may be related and resolved as well…but it’s still present.

So…, still present, and I noticed that if a 500 is placed as a static aircraft on the ramp, the rotors are coned up and still, rather than drooped down.

For the H125 I coded the coning a bit differently. Not sure how that one is doing but videos I see the coning working decently. The 500 is using animation tied to Asobos coning code. I didn’t update yet and mentioned updates will be out in April. I will see what happens but Asobo code for multiplayer and replays is theirs not mine. Thanks for the report.