Md500 msfs

Cool video. :slight_smile: You can set cameras up in the camera.cfg file. Otherwise you can move the camera where you want by using the default system. You have to map to keys to move the camera around.

I am on Xbox so the cfg files will not help me but I will try to find some bindings to move it!

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I grabbed the 500E in the Black Friday sale, it is a lot of fun to fly, have however a little issue with it: in VR there is a stroboscopic effect stopping the blades at 42FPS, reversing rotation direction when the FPS decreasing/increasing, and since my FPS in VR fluctuates around 40, it is really disturbing, flying with blades barely moving.

I did not se this with the 206L3 or with the 222. Any idea why is this happening (number of rotor blades?) and how to stop it?

Hi Josh,
Great job on v 2.0. I love it. Flies very nicely and the GTN is a nice addition.


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I agree 100%. I love this helicopter and the v 2.0 is a great improvement! The flightmodel is buttersmooth. And the GTN is a very useful addition.

Meanwhile it is my no.1 preferred helicopter in MSFS.

I really like the 500E. I therefore created a paint job with a nose graphic using the Photoshop Paintkit. This is naturally covered by the wire cutter. I tried to match the texture of the wire cutter (base plate on the front of the nose). However, it seems to share part of the texture from the bottom of the nose, which leads to unsightly results. Would it perhaps be possible to assign the wire cutter its own texture in the next update so that it can be designed accordingly?

In addition, the question arises as to where the lenses are applied in the group parts. It seems that the anti-collision lights draw their texture from the landing lights and the lenses are not (or no longer?) taken into account.

Sound problem 500e when I join a online flight on twitch tv a high pitched whine is introduced for everyone and the twitch cast. Others have noticed this also.