Looking for P3D users with Chaseplane and some specific helicopters

Does anyone here use Chaseplane for P3D?

Someone that owns the Cera 412, Milviz, AW109 and Nemeth EC-135.

Asking for a friend (literally) that’s working on something.

I use is on mine, Sergio. have been fo all my Helicopters . I have all the Cerasim, Milviz, and most of the Nemeth Designs birds

Do you have nice profiles for the Cera 412, Milviz, AW109 and Nemeth EC-135? I can’t give you a lot of details right now but this would help a project (I will let you know how as soon as I can).

Thank you.

I use the same profile for all my Helicopters. None is specific between one bird and another.