Long time simmer saying hello

Hi all

I’ve being heli simming since the start of hovercontrol way back when it statred in about 2003 which sadly is no longer my login name was GTO
Im working a Full scale MD500e simulator using a real cockpit

Its about 90% comlpete. I am looking to get in touch with George Arana regarding the MD500e FSX /P3D update but also to reconnected with fellow helo simmers



Reco, Jim Williams here - in Orlando, Florida. I am building a military helicopter based loosely on the Navy SH-2. It is based on the real cockpit which I have most of the controls and avionics for. I previously built a 737-800 full scale cockpit which I have sold. I am a professional cockpit builder for the military and some civilian aircraft and a pilot.
Would love to hear more about your build and how you are handling engine issues and aerodynamics, etc.