Lines Studio's Helicopter Simulator out on Early Access

Helicopter Simulator is not just your “go fly around” type of sim. You can obviously go fly around but you will also be able to follow some missions or goals as the game teaches you to get your R22 our of the hangar, do your preflight checks, start it up and do some missions.

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Been looking forward to this for a while, but I must ask…

There is trackIR support, right…? Not that this should be a reasonable question, but given recent flight sim releases…

This one is actually quite funny to watch:

Man, this could be a dream coming true. I’ve long been craving for a helo sim that offers some kind of career mode or economy simulation to give flying a sense of purpose and progress. Take On Helicopters took a step in that direction, but it wasn’t really an actual simulation and the role-playing aspect pretty much ended when the story ended. I really hope this new sim does it right.