Knobster in VR with Nimbus Huey in X-plane

For those who have the Knobster or planning to purchase one here small tip how to use it with the Nimbus Huey.

Sim Innovations has made plugin KnobXP which makes it possible to use the Knobster to manipulate all rotary knobs in the cockpit.
“One Knob to rule them all” as small LOTR based meme.
With small sjon script you can add custom function not standard included which is all explained in the attached link.
However there has to be key commands present.
The Nimbus Huey has a lot of datarefs but no key commands to access in X-plane
This is solved by “Nimbus Huey Keyboard/Joystick Commands 1.0” lua script that is available on

I made a small text file in the Knobxp\modes directory and now I can manipulate the VHF comm frequency knobs with the knobster in VR and Non VR

the text file has the name
Which contains this text
“name”: “COM1 frequency Nimbus”,
“minor_cw_cmd”: “nimbus/UH-1/command/centerconsole/com1_MHz_digits_up”,
“minor_ccw_cmd”: “nimbus/UH-1/command/centerconsole/com1_MHz_digits_down”,
“major_cw_cmd”: “nimbus/UH-1/command/centerconsole/com1_kHz_digits_up”,
“major_ccw_cmd”: “nimbus/UH-1/command/centerconsole/com1_kHz_digits_down”,
“button_released_cmd”: “”,
“order”: 301010

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