Kamov KA-32A V1.01

We updated the installer to v1.01 and it can be downloaded at the order details section of your customer portal.

1.01 Changes:

  • Pitot heat caution light spelling error on the overhead panel changed.
  • Switch On Pitot Heat yellow caution light now doesn’t light up when the pitot is enabled
  • Icing doesn’t show on the cockpit sun visors
  • Battery bus yellow caution light now light up unly if there is no AC power, the battery bus is enabled and the feeding of the electrical system is from the battery bus
  • Aux, Standby hydraulics switch covers now are in a correct position
  • Inverter switch cover and battery bus switch cover now are in the correct position
  • The engines cannot be started now when the engine control levers are in the AUTO position
  • Inverted right side tail number on the Pecotox livery is changed
  • C/V knob on the default GPS has been changed
  • Vancouver livery registration number changed
  • LH engine cut-off lever tool-tip changed

More updates coming soon.

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Do we uninstall the old version first or can we install this over it as an update?

Yes. When the full installer is patched it’s better to remove the old version before installing the new one.

When small patches come out those are for applying them on the existing installation but the full installers should be always installed clean.

Now this is taking customers’ feedback seriously.
Thank you for that ND!

Thanks, Tamas :grinning: