Kamov KA-32A Released

We are pleased to announce the release of our new product, the Kamov KA-32A for MS Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D v4.5+.

The FSX version should work under the vanila FSX with Acceleration Expansion Pack and FSX Steam Edition. It should also work fine under P3D till V4.4. The Prepar3D version requires Prepar3D v4.5 minimum because it has full PBR material coverage and that requires v4.5+ to work.

There are some differences between the FSX and the P3D versions. Most importantly, the AFCS - or Automatic Flight Control System - works only in P3D. The visual model had to be simplified somewhat as well for the FSX version due to the memory limitations of the 32bit architecture that FSX uses and some of the effects and sounds had to be omitted to from the FSX version.

The painkit is also up on the product page for both versions.

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I was waiting for this model! :smiley:

Id like to ask about different VC. I see on pictures GPS and non GPS version (what is good for Russian helicopter) but I heard that mdl of VC install only during install process, so I cant change VC version from P3D menu or aircraft.cfg when model was installed? I must always uninstall this?
If its true maybe better is to do one installation and user can chen this using different version of cockpit for example modifing aircraft.cfg?

Thanks Tamas,
I was hoping for this one this weekend.