KA-32A FSX Bugs

Hello to all,

I’m dropping a post with some issues I’ve had with the KA-32A, and hope to provide some information on my activities as well. Please note that of this post, I have reinstalled the KA-32A by running the program as administrator, and I am updated to version 1.04.

-The default GPS, installed for the Steam Edition of FSX, has no zooming out functionality. Clicking either side of the zoom buttons only causes the GPS to zoom in further.

-Navigation lights are often not visible directly on your aircraft, I have noticed recently it occurs when performing a cold and dark start. However, when cycling through views, Tower view of the KA-32A displays and confirms that I have my lights on. In external view, no navigation or beacon lights are seen. Landing lights function well.

-Cold and dark startups are not possible without using the autostart(Ctrl+E) function. As per the checklist without skipping any item, startup progress stops at the engine start. Selecting either engine and using the start switch produces absolutely no effect. The main start of the APU functions(although without sound), however engines do not start regardless of it’s engine setting on the center console.

I will be looking forwards to your input and recommendations.


Regarding the GPS :
You have to right-click to zoom out and left-click to zoom in, irrespective of the mouse position over the button.

Regarding the cold and dark :
You might find this thread interesting to bring the Kamov in a “real” C&D state : FSX and P3D Ka-32 Sounds and Cold&Dark Packages ARE OUT!

But I can’t help for the lights!

Happy flights and stay safe

Thank you so much! I’ll investigate and give it a try the next chance again, will post an update afterwards.

You are welcome.