K-51 released low-cost collective

Make no mistake, this IS a low cost collective. Don’t expect a highly polished resin model or anything like that.

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Mine arrived the other day.
Do you guys need a review?

Hey Willy. Yeah that would be great. Please contact me at sergio@helisimmer.com for some pointers about how we usually structure our reviews if you are interested.

I would love to have a review for this product.
Thinking of buying it but I will wait for your review.

Hi guys! Sergio, I love your channel and your weekly posts. Great job! Does anybody knows how to buy the K-51 Collective? I mean besides contacting sermaik34@gmail.com. I’ve tried this email a couple of times but have not received any answer. Thanks a lot! JJ

Hey Jaime. Thank you very much for your kind words and for being a reader!

That’s the only contact we have. Email me at sergio@helisimmer.com and tell me which email address you used. I’ll see if I can help.

Sent you an email. Thanks for your fast response!

No problem. Got it. Thanks.

I got mine through this thread at ED forums.

He answers there pretty quick, depending on your time zone.

Hello, friends.

I apologize for the silence. I was busy at work.
I will answer all emails shortly.
I want to clarify the description of the device that I am making. The device is assembled manually
in a small room equipped as a workshop for my hobby.
All mechanics are made of sheet metal. 3D printing only with a pen and a block of buttons. I order spare parts for the mechanism and electronics in production.
My manufacturing capabilities are limited in time, but I am looking for options to speed up the process. Coronavirus makes its own adjustments. It takes a long time to find and get some components.
With respect K-51

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