K-51 develops friction system for the VIRPIL Rudder Pedals

And that force, believe it or not, may actually help you better control the pedals since it will prevent you from over-controlling it, pushing it too far.

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Quite interesting! Indeed, because of the lack of friction control, I’ve had some unwanted pedal moves in flight. I’ve contacted K-51 after reading your review. He replied immediately, sending a very detailed explanation of his damper installation. Very ingenious little device, it seems. I ordered one right away.

I received the damper today. It’s a bit of work to install, but thanks to the very clear instructions, it’s not a problem. It actually helps to use the pedals when you remove the spring. One small drawback is that you have to install the pedals on the outermost position to make room for the damper. I don’t know how it would compare to an hydraulic damper, but the friction is smooth and pleasant to use.

After 10 days of use, I can say it’s a nice addition to the Virpil pedal set. The 3D printed turning knob, however, is made of brittle material and snapped after a few days. I replaced it by a winged nut.