K-51 Collective

Hi everybody,
i got a question about the mentioned collective control, i got mine tonight and i was wondering if it possible to set up the buttons for landing lights on xplane 11.
I normally fly with the e135 and lately i am learning the as350 but i can’t find the landing light command …
Thanks for your help…
By the way the k-51 seems to be reaaly nice…kudos to Mikhail

There are entries for landing lights in X-Plane. Quite a few of them. Don’t they work for you?

Hi Sergio,
you are totally right, the problem was that yesterday evening i was over exited to try the new collective that once i connected it to x plane, i checked only the sub menu of the EC135 where i could not find anything…After i thought about the generic menu as you showed me above…
I will connect again today and set up correctly…Thanks again and if you want to close the discussion :+1: :+1:

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No problem, Luca! Glad I could help!

Please let me know if all worked nicely for you :slight_smile:

Everything allright, i got more lights than a christmas tree :joy: :joy: :joy:
Thanks again

Ahahahah! Good to know it’s working :smiley: