K-51 Collective

Hi everybody,
i got a question about the mentioned collective control, i got mine tonight and i was wondering if it possible to set up the buttons for landing lights on xplane 11.
I normally fly with the e135 and lately i am learning the as350 but i can’t find the landing light command …
Thanks for your help…
By the way the k-51 seems to be reaaly nice…kudos to Mikhail

There are entries for landing lights in X-Plane. Quite a few of them. Don’t they work for you?

Hi Sergio,
you are totally right, the problem was that yesterday evening i was over exited to try the new collective that once i connected it to x plane, i checked only the sub menu of the EC135 where i could not find anything…After i thought about the generic menu as you showed me above…
I will connect again today and set up correctly…Thanks again and if you want to close the discussion :+1: :+1:

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No problem, Luca! Glad I could help!

Please let me know if all worked nicely for you :slight_smile:

Everything allright, i got more lights than a christmas tree :joy: :joy: :joy:
Thanks again

Ahahahah! Good to know it’s working :smiley:

I’m coming a bit late to the game but can you tell me how to contact Mikhail to place an order?


Sergio and his team made a review of this collective on the 24 April 2020,if you scroll down where the comments are, you will find on the second last comment the address of another forum where k51 answers really fast. I contacted him over there.