It's Time! Welcome Test Team!

Hey guys the time has come for me to share my many days and nights of work with you. The help is VERY much appreciated and all feedback will help tremendously. Things I’m aware of that I’m needing more time with and frustrate me LOL:

  • Autopilot is a mess :wink:
  • Copilot HSI is not working right until I make sure the Pilot is working then I will Transfer over settings/numbers
  • Force trim was provided by Fly AGI and I need to look into the code more, the author offered his help as well.
  • Search light animations for up limit not set. On/stow code not complete. (Instantaneous movments)
    *Chip Indicators (not the main caution panel) need to be animated
    *Probably much more lol

Things are moving along as fast as possible and it’s a flyable very fun chopper for the most part. I made a short video to show a quick and easy start up, not totally by the book or anything but gets you going. Auto-start (ctrl + shift + E) is all programmed and works perfectly as well. Fly her around, get some first impressions and try to break it! You guys can post here and communicate your ideas with us all. :slight_smile:

This is top secret so please no sharing at all. I messaged you each the coupon codes for a free download. The website is or

Says new users can only post one image so I sent the start up images in messenger as well.

Hope you have fun!

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I forgot to add Flight Model Frames set to the lowest setting of 2 and experimental flight model on.

After some testing I find that there is minimal difference in having experimental flight model on or off and same with the frames. Huh… who would a thunk haha. Can you guys give me some feedback in that area? Joe Kipfer has already fixed the VR up for us and a few other things! :slight_smile:

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ok quick flight around the Seychelles and so far really really amazing such a lovely little bird to fly well I guess it’s not little it’s a medium sized helicopter and it was really quite pleasant and gentle. Only thing, I was doing 120 knots at about 4000 on the torque metre so I don’t know how that goes with going by the book. Only other thing that I noticed I didn’t interact much with the cockpit it was amazing but the NAV GPS button on the pilot side bottom right is inop. However does animate when you switch the gns 500 to GPS

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Awesome! I’m glad it feels good as I’m not a real pilot. Just basing it off of helicopters and sim collectively and what I “think” it would fly like and what I have read in other forums from real pilots of the bird. The sideways hover being one of them. I converted the torque gauge numbers all to newtons meters and that is what I end up with. From watching videos and reading online I think it seems a bit high. I still need to find that in the manuals I guess. Maybe there is something I’m missing there. I’m having a hard time with the entire autopilot system hahah. I have the switch on the right set to hsi mode [sim/cockpit2/radios/actuators/HSI_source_select_pilot" I think. I really have to sit down and figure that out soon. The hsi, obs instruments in relation to how they work with each other in different mode and autopilot is really giving my brain a worko out! HAHHA This is some dang good initital feedback though :slight_smile: Thank You!

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Got into VRS during my final touchdown but was able to easily recover with the Vouichard (sp?) So was happy with that.
I’m no pilot either but what I’ve read was that the 222 was a pretty stable platform and it feels like that. Be nice to hear others opinion on that

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Is it me or there is no torque? I don’t need to provide any pedal input at all.

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Sergio, I have to use a decent amount of left peddle when hovering. I think I need to test out the model per frames a bit more. Joe K reported that his was tilting while sitting on the ground. I have model per frame set at 2, the lowest, and experimental on. I get a solid footing on ground and a decent amount of left peddle as I said. Wondering why I’m having inconsistencies between us all. Hmmmm Glad we are testing! hahah :slight_smile: I am right here with you testing now. I need to upload Joe K’s updates as well.

I can easily give it more torque if we need to by adjusting the tail rotor ratio.

The 1st update is live with Joe Kipfer’s tuneup for VR and collective manipulator for VR. You can just re-download the files and overwrite all.

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Also any feedback on the website and “buying” experience is more than welcome!

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@CAPT_COWAN I have my model per frame set at 5 because of some other helicopters.

I really need no pedal. I’ll get the update and try again.

Buddy, download is corrupt.

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SHOOT! Let me re-upload.

@SergioCosta I uploaded a new zip folder. Should be good. I downloaded and tested. And Still no left peddle. Maybe my setup is just reacting differently. We can’t have that. I have to fix that then after getting some more feedback here. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Another thing I just realized, if anyone noticed: The Cockpit OBJ is littered with ATTR_no_cull and ATTR_cull and therefore not optimized. Even though being hidden objects, this will be fixed by making all objects one sided. All other OBJs have been checked and only using one sided objects and duplicating + flipping normals for objects that need to be 2 sided. This is important for performance per Laminar Research. And since the cockpit file is being used strictly for manips and all hidden I overlooked optimizing it. :wink:

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I had to re-upload a few times today and have the previous mentioned all fixed. So Joe K’s VR and collective manip fixes and optimized cockpit OBJ. Still waiting on feedback about torque. For Sergio, it’s a no go and needs adjustment.

Will give it a good look in a few minutes and report back with my findings…downloading now.

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I have to figure out why or how… but for some odd reason my altimeter on the pilot side quit working right! Very weird! Maybe just me, I don’t know. But it worked flawlessly since early on in the project and all of a sudden when we start testing things it quit HAHAH! Something is clashing with the dataref I guess. Ughh

first thoughts and observations on the UT,

The cyclic has far too much authority at when the collective is flat pitch. I can tip the entire aircraft over on its nose on the ground with the collective all the way down. that tells me that there is too much pitch in the blades at “flat pitch”. the first time i loaded the aircraft it immediately tipped over because my cyclic wasn’t centered. people with self centering joysticks probably won’t notice this, but if you’re on a puma like me its very noticeable and can end a flight before it begins. this also leads to some pretty interesting abilities on the ground.

the cyclic also has this weird response “curve” i guess i would call it. it’s very responsive near center, but slows drastically after about an inch from center (this is based on the PFT Puma). that’s very odd to me. For example, if i were to do a 60° bank, the aircraft would begin to roll rapidly through the first inch or so of cyclic travel, then slow down to a very sluggish roll rate after that. this happens at a hover through all airspeeds.

I don’t need much if any pedal input to maintain heading on take off or landing. I don’t think the 222 has a walking beam like the S76. so some left pedal is in order to maintain heading as far as i know. there is some torque effect there but only really noticeable if you are making large rapid collective input changes. this is regardless of the aircraft model number setting.

I don’t know what the trim ball is doing, but it’s not showing the aerodynamic trim of the aircraft. the trim ball seems to like the left of center position and you need a lot of left pedal to get the ball in the center, almost full throw left pedal which is way to much. the pedals should be neutral or with a slight right input to stay in trim in forward flight, especially at higher airspeeds. the 222 doesn’t have a cambered vertical stabilizer but it is cantered which has the same affect. I’m not sure what the flight modeling fix is, but it seems to be that the vertical stabilizer isn’t as effective as is should be. this is apparent in other modes of flight as well. it takes about 40ktas of sideward flight for the aircraft to weather-vane into the direction of flight with the pedals at neutral. that is WAY to fast. almost like there’s no vertical stab at all. or tail boom, or any longitudinal stabilization surfaces.

that’s what i got from the first few flights. I’ll continue to test when i can.