It’s official: RAZBAM and Miltech-5 will be working together on the Bo-105 for DCS

Only a couple of days after posting a couple of screenshots on their Facebook page [/news/razbam-shows-screenshots-bo-105-dcs], RAZBAM just told us it’s official: the Bo-105 will be released under the company’s brand after a deal has been made.

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I guess we sorta expected it to get worked out, but one more DCS helicopter officially inbound is great news for us. =) Those of us with the good taste to fly DCS anyway. =P

It IS great news. I’m glad the Bo-105 will see the light of day. I just hope RAZBAM manages to have the time and resources to work on so many projects. I guess sleep is overrated?

Thank’s again buddy!

The best news i got in the last couple of weeks! :wink:

Have a great weekend!



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You too buddy! I have sent you a PM. Please check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks! Sorry to ask. But where i find your PM? :grinning::wink:UPDATE: Found it and answered.:+1::joy:

The model looks nice. Will have to pick this one up as well when it comes out. I have enjoyed all of the helis in DCS so far, even with the shortcomings.

Excited about this one. It was in service with the RNLAF and the Dutch Police force. This makes it possibly to do more Netherlands Airforce stuff.
This in combination with the also announced WWII lowlands scenery extension even in somewhat of there original surroundings.
Possible a Grasshopper demo-team revival. They flew original the then workhorse Alouette III and stopped when the retirement was complete do to the replacement by the Bo-105.
They would be able to make a much more impressive show with the Bo-105

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