Initial thoughts on X-Plane 12

That’s one of the questions we see popping up a lot on several Facebook groups, forums, and social media.

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Well said, and v12 is definitely a worthwhile improvement/upgrade.

Despite the expected Beta glitches, I haven’t even launched v11 since I tried v12.

And Ubben/Khamsin’s AB 315 v12 is out, so what else could you ask for? :wink:

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A very considered and balanced review, and exactly what I think. I got back into flight sims about a year ago after a long time away, and being a Mac user, X-Plane was the only option. I’ve gradually been learning XP11.5, and knew all along what to expect from XP12, because of what Austin and the rest of the Laminar crew were telling us, so folks getting all bent out of shape because it’s not what they expected or wanted… well, that’s their problem. Personally, I’m perfectly happy with XP12, warts and all. Obviously it’ll improve over time, and become more mature and robust, and the add-ons will do the same - that’s perfectly normal and to be expected.
I’ve bought the full version, and the more I use it and dig about, the more it seems like excellent value for money - and it’s a vote of confidence in Laminar too. The best is yet to come!

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I think most of the people didn’t actually go through the trouble of finding out what was coming out. They probably saw some glamour screenshots but didn’t bother to watch or read interviews or articles. Then they created this image in their heads that, for some reason, Laminar Research was doing this new version to “compete” with MSFS.

And it all went down the drain from there as their unrealistic expectations were not met.

At least that’s the way I see it.