Icarus/Carlos Palacio AW139 SAR v2 BETA

This version comes with a lot of both cosmetics and funcional updates and fixes such as:

Please note that the documentation is still a work in progress so there's a lot of room to improve.

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I have noticed that with ver2, there is only the “long nose” version available. Will the the newer version ever have the models for the “short nose” and “no floats” made available?

Hi Carlos,

Congratulations for this nice project! I am contacting you since I face 2 problems testing the AW139 V2 beta in FSX. First of all I am unable to start engines up. I do follow the checklist and after NG reaches 49% and gets into the “Green” area it immediately drops to zero and then the ignition starts again until it reaches 49% and continous looping like this.

My second issue is that even if I am using my Microsoft joystick (an old one I can say) with the default MS Bell206 it seems unusable with the AW139. For example when I move it around I see that the helicopter’s cyclic stick moves normally but when I use the power button (to increase throttle) the collective does not move. Also default buttons MS default F1-F4 have no impact on moving the collective.

I would much appreaciate your help.