Icaro AW139 for FSX and P3D (updated)

My name is Carlos Palacio and I'm nearly 40 years old. My relation with helicopters started when I joined the Spanish Air Force in 1997. First I worked as a helicopter mechanic and soon I promoted to officer and became a helicopter pilot. I served as a Search and Rescue pilot for 9 years in the 802 Sqn. based in the Gando Air Base, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. I have logged more than 2000 flight hours, most of them in AS332 Super Puma and in off-shore operations. I'm keen on flight simulators, which I use for my own training and I enjoy 'tweaking' helicopter models to make them more realistic. At this moment I'm developing an AW139 SAR model for FSX and P3D while studying a Master on Business Administration.

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Hello Carlos! I’m experiencing this issue shown in the annex… how to solve it?

Hey @luispmelim,

I was able to replicate this issue. What has happened is that your nose wheel steering has not been engaged. Once you try to turn the aircraft, it will damage the nose gear. You must ensure the toggle for the NWS is active prior to ground taxiing… Hope this helps.

Hi everyone,

Congratulations for this nice project! I am contacting you since I face 2 problems testing the AW139 V2 beta in FSX. First of all I am unable to start engines up. I do follow the checklist and after NG reaches 49% and gets into the “Green” area it immediately drops to zero and then the ignition starts again until it reaches 49% and continous looping like this.

My second issue is that even if I am using my Microsoft joystick (an old one I can say) with the default MS Bell206 it seems unusable with the AW139. For example when I move it around I see that the helicopter’s cyclic stick moves normally but when I use the power button (to increase throttle) the collective does not move. Also default buttons MS default F1-F4 have no impact on moving the collective.

I would much appreaciate your help.