Hype Performance Group launches “early access pledge” for H145 for MSFS

In a surprise move, Hype Performance Group announced that they are working on a H145 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. What is surprising about it is not the fact that they are working on a new helicopter and not even the fact that it’s going to be payware.

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What price are they suggesting?

It’s in the article. $42.

I’m a little confused as Ive heard so many positive things about the H135 lately, about its modelling and flight dynamics. Is that wrong?

Hello Sérgio, interesting and revealing article.

I’m still waiting for the MSFS guys to show their promised helicopter development… Not this decade, I bet.

I’d consider it if it was extremely deeply discounted - like if I could pitch in $10 or $20 for the full license, I’d probably do it just because they brought the first “helicopter” to MSFS - for FREE.

Considering that the sim doesn’t even support rotary wing flight as yet (and how in heck Asobo EVER let that happen…SMH), they’ve given us a tolerable helo with modern amenities with nothing asked in return.

But as Sergio correctly points out, I’m certainly not going to pay WAY MORE than any other helo available for what is presently vaporware.

p.s.: @SergioCosta Eagle Dynamics is going to charge the princely sum of $70 for the upcoming Mi-24 Hind. But based on their well established helo history, and pew-pew in DCS, i’m sure it’s worth it.
Be prepared for a similar hike when Black Shark 3 is released (a la A-10C II)

Considering their established pace of development, it’ll be here in less than 12 months.

It was just shocking that they completely ignored it in the first place (like VR!) :o

For a FREEWARE helicopter in a sim that doesn’t actually support rotary wing flight, the H135 is very good, and is continuously getting better.

It’s definitely worth the download just for the opportunity to be able to explore MSFS in ways only a helo can offer.

HOWEVER, when it’s evaluated for correct helo flight, it’s lacking quite a few real-world flight model characteristics the established expert helo devs bring to flight sim.

That said, the only option for objectively great helo flight in MSFS is presently the payware Fly Inside Bell 47. It’s the Cessna 150 of helicopters and has earned it’s place at the table! :slight_smile:

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DCS is a whole new beast. When you start adding weapons systems and other complexities to the sim, you are in a different league. We can’t really make that comparison.

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I mostly agree, but DCS has significant limitations to offset those considerations somewhat.

And it is, after all, a highly accurate flight simulator :slight_smile:

And really, should an unsophisticated steam gauge helo from the 1970’s really cost as much as the Hornet or Tomcat? :o

There is a clear Star Citizen influence here, that concept of getting paid to develop something that you might not even have started and are not pressed to finish. It certainly has worked there. The word “pledge” has become the ultimate software development fuel. “Soon TM”.