HTR - Helicopter Total Realism 1.6

Fred is a flight simulation enthusiast and software developer with a strong physics background. He lives in Italy and is married and father of two. He was never happy with the flight model of FSX so decided to create his own studying aerodynamic books and receiving a lot of feedback from real helicopter pilots, some of which even use it for training purposes. Fred also collaborated in other game and physics related projects such as Combat Helo (Apache Simulator) , Unity FS (Unity engine aerodynamics add on) and a free addon for Take on Helicopters. He is currently developing a promising new helicopter simulator which he plans to release later this year.

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I have flown Helicopter Total Realism for quite a bit and I have to say that it is simply amazing. I enjoy the extra realism it adds to an already spectacular simulator. I wish to download and try it again but I cannot seem to do it with the the link provided on this site. I don’t know if it’s a recent but or anything but I hope it can be fixed so I can enjoy such a lovely addon yet again.

I just tried downloading the file from our article and I could do it without any issues. Could you please try again?


Sorry for the late reply but I’ve tried it a quite a few times without any change. I’ve even tried on another computer. I’m not sure if it’s something with my ISP or not.

Try this link (only valid for 7 days):

Ok, I’ve tried the download page from there, installed it; and it works just fine. Thank you plenty for you help and amazing support. I am not sure why the official download did not work.

It’s weird, yes. We use a content distribution network that is used by a lot of companies out there so you shouldn’t have any problems. Glad it’s working for you, though. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great add-on. For me, I found that Autotrim made it unflyable. Disabling those greatly improved the controlability.

I’m experiencing FSX crashes when I practice hovering over the runway for extended periods of time.
FSUIPC log here Filebin :: bin q06tsg56uxxx8ofu

I’m probably the only person still using this :slight_smile:
I haven’t had any crashes in a while. I noticed the helicopter becomes harder to control and eventually jittery in busy areas, if I up the graphics even though the frame rates in FSX are still in the 90s. Very likely HTR is sharing CPU with FSX. It didn’t let me set CPU affinity for HTR.
For example the “pendulum” effect is a lot more pronounced if I up the graphics.

hi there

could i too please have a link for this programme? the website link doesnt seem to work

many thanks