How to remove reflections on windows?

howdy once again

so, since the update, the reflections on glass in cockpit, are a bit too much… how can i remove them? it can get quite disruptive on manouvering and aiming to land as shown in images uploaded:

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Hi, this is very interesting and I already tried some changes:

  • modified the object file for the cockpit glass
  • modified texture files

Unfortunately there is no comprehensive tutorial, nor a heads up for how this particular change should be made. Maybe this is different for each model. My only success IHad to eliminate the reflections in total was for the EC135v4.
And as I mentioned there where many tries for this a long time ago. Meanwhile I don’t remember how I matched it.

If there is any tutorial, I’m also interested.


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Here is a video with the EC 135, where I removed the reflections (have to check out how I did it - long time ago):

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@RegY Hi there,

Nothing was changed with the windows since the initial release. I can look into making this an option in the future but not 100% on that. You can change the GLOBAL_specular level by opening up the glass obj files with notepad. Up at the top you can change the level “1” down to say “.8” and see how that looks. To completely remove them you can delete the lines NORMAL_METALNESS and GLOBAL_specular 1. The is another way to do this but you would need to use GIMP or Photoshop and it’s just easier and fast to play with those things int notepad.

Hope this helps, let me know what you achieve.

Thanks again,


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that worked, thank you @CAPT_COWAN

for everyone seeking to do it, i used notepad++,edited

completelly removed, as Josh said, NORMAL_METALNESS and GLOBAL_specular 1

when i only did inner_gls, it didn’t do much and i could still see reflections of the taxilines, not the interior tho, then i edited them all, and it worked, no reflections anymore

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@RegY That is great!

If you do not mind the reflections on the instruments glass alone then you can add those lines back to the INST_GLS.obj.

The INNER & OUTER GLS files are all for the windows. You can also try decreasing the GLOBAL_specular to like .5 or something. That will make the reflections kind of hazy and less distracting. But if you prefer none at all removing those lines works great.

Have a good one,