Hide the spare headset

Is there a way to hide the copilot headset? Currently it’s just a static object blocking a significant portion of my view. Thanks.

When you add the copilot then the copilot puts the headphones on. Then the headphone are not in your way. When you remove the pilot then the right pair are hung up just the same. The weight and balance window. Since I’ve already gotten multiple messages about this then it will be clickable/hideable in the next update. Thanks

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Thank you for the explanation, I wasn’t aware of the passenger visibility or that the w&b menu could manipulate the various statistic elements.

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My end goal is to make a special menu like XP. It took me a bit to build it for XP but I will use c++ to make an options menu and add that to all my aircrafts after releases and updates. I like to keep working on my products to better them but can take a bit of time and learning new things. :slightly_smiling_face: The weight and balance menu is a great way for some things for now.