Help with fsx se object placement tool

Hi all

I want to setup some saved flights using object
placement tool and liftable objects and do some sling load flights.
I have selected and added the liftable item from scenery list, placed that in my scenery and saved as mission which creates a xml file. Saved the flight, place the file object name into the .FLT file along with the hoist and sling commands and placed the xml file in the documents folder . My helicopter has the hoist and sling text in the aircraft.cfg file.
I start my saved flight and my object is there and the on screen info says hook enabled but the load wont attach to the cable. I have set the cable length to 60 hovered over the object but the object wont attach. I have checked the xml file but have I missed something that commands the object to attach to the hook when I hover over it.
Hoping someone can help me out



Update all sorted