Hello to HeilSimmer

greetings all!

I am a utility helicopter pilot and work primarily in Alaska. I just built my second rig to see if there is a chance of creating sufficient similitude to practice real world scenarios. First up is long-lining. In my job we primarily use 100 foot and 150 foot lines due to trees and confined areas.

The first rig (2019) was too hardware limited for realistics VR. I also failed miserably in getting a workable AS350 model.

The second rig (2020) is a 10850/3070/G2/puma and does pretty well with all the tuning and OCing I can find. HSL steals too many frames but I have it working with decent rates. I’m next going to try the xlsingload plugin. For now I am working with the bell 407 because it seems to have good stability. I’d very much like to get a VR version of the AS350 working as well (in 11.50+).

Anyway: wish me luck and feel free to hit me up with any questions wrt real world flying. I don’t have all the answers but have a discovered a few over the last couple of decades.

and happy new year by the way! AK_ASTAR