Hello, my introduction


Just joined and thought I would give a little info on myself.
I have worked professionally in the Helicopter simulation world for 10 years.
I have managed the building of UH-1Y and AH-1Z Full motion simulators for Bell helicopter and installed them all over the US.
I am currently the Software Development Program Manager for a company called ZedaSoft. I build Flights sims for many agencies. I am currently deploying an Apache for the Army and a Bell 407 for the FAA.

I have built everything from my home sim, to desktop training systems, Part task trainers, Level 6 FTDs and Level D FFSs.
I have put them in domes, back projection, front projection, and collimated with BPSs.

Just recently a customer sent me a full Bell 206 cab to update with a full control feedback system and new math model.

Let me know if you have questions and always remember, auto-rotation is your friend :slight_smile:



Hello Red,

Nice to see you!


I’d love to see some pics of your work.

Great to have you here Red, I know your product. I’ve used ZedaSoft images (among many other sources) as reference for some of the entertainment product I’ve worked on over the years.

I co-developed Combat-Helo and worked on an undisclosed demonstrator with a tandem cockpit. Sounds like you have my dream job.