Hello everyone!

Happy 2020!

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joe Albert and I’ve recently returned to flight simming after being away for about 10 yrs. Just last month I bought a desktop pc and the Thrustmaster T Flight stick/throttle combo. I have TM rudders on order and will hopefully upgrade to the TM Warthog HOTAS setup. My current sims are XP (flying the great freeware Bell 429 by Timberline) and DCS (just bought the Huey!).

My first sim was in 1986, Micropose Gunship for the Commodore 64! We’ve come a long way!

Joe “BladeRun”

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Hey Joe! Welcome to the forums! It’s great seeing you here.

Things have evolved quite a bit since we first started simming all right. And it’s only getting better and better. Who said flight simulation is dead? :smiley:

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Gunship was a lot of fun! I started there too. Then, it was Super Huey series, Gunship 2000, Digital Integrations’s Apache and Hind, Jane’s Longbow and Comanche 3 or 4, can’t remember now…lol

I haven’t done much heli flying in MSFS, but once in awhile, I still do. I think I’ll be getting into it more. I recently bought the Cera 222 ( It’s nice to fly, accurate I don’t know, haven’t researched it ), MP Design Studio S-55 ( It’s twitchy ), Nemeth Mi-24. I’m playing around with HTR and doing a bunch of research, in order to play with the flight models.