Helicopters on the shortlist of the most-wanted features in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

For those that are part of the insider program the image above is not exactly new. It's been out there for a few weeks and I was eager that it turned public so that I could say something about it. You can find it at the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website.

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It’s even not “just” on the very Top 10 list.
It’s 3rd, after equal important things like “AI trafic” which I guess everyone wants! :slight_smile:

What other flight sims at the market today seems to have missed out is stuff like missions (including user editor), both for “normal” planes but certainly for helicopters in special, as there are unlimited things to do with that.
You can only fly so many times over your house or from one Airport to the next without getting at least a bit bored :slight_smile:That’s my big hopes for MSFS2020! ( I know the helicopters WILL come… they MUST) :slight_smile:

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I also noticed it’s in third but the thing is that the list is in alphabetical order. Still: it made the short list!

Helicopters do make all sims more fun, don’t they? :wink:

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one step closer to getting exited about that sim. still holding out for VR and what helicopter(s) they decide to use.

If all goes well, we (the community) might have a say on that. Let’s see.

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…and the people rejoiced! =P

It will be fantastic if I can add FS 2020 to the list for my plans. We need a Huey in it!

I’m hoping to generate some attention for our segment once my Huey cockpit and motion sim v2 are done. I’ve got a (several years unused) Twitch channel with over 3,000 followers and a youtube channel with ~1500 followers I think and a number of videos with 12,000-56,000 views so some people will see them and if they are any good word will spread. =)

I’m going to be cautiously optimistic here. In the past, Microsoft hasn’t been kind to helicopters. I can still remember trying to hover in FSX when it first released and having to put up with the, “pull up,” warning blaring in the cockpit. In multi player with Hovercontrol, you would often see strange things in place of other players helicopters. (Like a 747 hovering or a cruise liner doing a pedal turn.) If they do get helicopters, I can only hope they’ll get the flight dynamics right and we wont have to use a third party add on to make them behave properly. Fingers crossed.

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Dennis, I understand what you say. FSX and P3D (the ESP platform in general) was never kind to helicopters. The sync issue you talk about (where you see other players) have to do with the networking software used (IVAO, VATSIM, others) than actually FSX.

The team told me they want to do it right. I believe in them. If they actually do it, well… That’s another story and we’ll have to wait and see. I am hopeful, yes. But if they mess this up I will be disappointed for the missed opportunity. Not so much for the “fail”.

Right now we don’t have anything else than we have (weird sentence, I know). What I mean is that we have X-Plane, DCS, Aerofly FS2, FlyInside and FlightGear that provide decent helicopter flight dynamics.

If Microsoft does it properly, great! If not, it’s business as usual for me. I will keep on using the sims I use right now. Yes, the scenery is incredible in MSFS but if I have to choose, I rather have good helicopter flight dynamics than pretty graphics, hands down.

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this is the planned list of helicopters currently

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