HeliAlpes V.4 WIP

It is made by rotorhead passionnate which has grown its team up by 5 members this new year !
Versions 4 is gonna bring a total reconversion and optimisation keeping a high quality render for around 70 existing Landing zone for Helicopters
3 ortho Tiles have been added west and south (Lyon, Briançon)

-15 sling working place
-14 Hospitals
-22 Mountains Refuge
-33 public and private LZ
What’s new:
-3D various trees and vegetations coming along with wind animations
-Lots of rescue and mountain worksites features
-High Quality Altimetrics patches using Ortho4XP (free and beautiful)

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Wow !! Very nice. Excited to fly to the new destinations :grinning:

Goood news everyone
you dont have to make the tile using ortho4xp anymore in V.4, we 'll have a link with the complete tiles using HD meshes and exclusive france Orthophotos.

“you dont have to make the tile using ortho4xp anymore in V.4,” Thank you!

Trailer is out boyz

awaiting V4 very excited.
Even if we don`t need to create tiles on our own any more, will you deliver the elevation patches in case we want to create the tiles with other imagery-sources as bing ?


hi stephan
yes we could share thoses patches, we will not use Bing but IGN datas

Very nice - thanks. Which zomlevel will you use with IGN?

we’ll have a ZL17 over it , lower make some glitches to the tiles, the scenery will be heavy for hard drives

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