HeliAlpe update V3 incoming

hello boyz,
French team Helisimu france is getting back on helialpes scenery, again to take the immersion to a realistic level.

-Custom buildings/objects are being lighted up for the night, some spotlight also.

-More environnement objects (visuals are important), more life around the points of interests.

-we are planning on bringing the south part the helipads and DZs thats existing, extending the scenery to 3 tiles (orthophotos), epic DZ of promontoire(moutains “les ecrins”) is our big goal


Great news! Looking forward to it being released.

Very good news these days. Looking forward in this. HeliAlpe is my favourite region to fly with mission-x for example.
Together with the new Rotorsim EC135v5 … would be lovely.
Which tile-number will be added?
Thank you!