HC070NC "Vorlin" Reporting In

Greetings all,

A few of you might remember me, I was active with Hovercontrol around 2005-7. I had tried to go back a few times while flying X-Plane 11 but it was hard to get people together. With the 135 being introduced in FS2020, I tried to log back into Hovercontrol recently.

I worked with Panther (Chris) to make the Hughes 500E, doing the gauges and some of the liveries. I studied and practiced at least two hours a day, every day, to get ready for my CP test, and almost had a heart attack when my pedals slid on the floor during final, causing me to almost completely lose tail rotor control. I was also the “guinea pig” for the IFR certification course, which ended up being shelved after I passed. Since no one else was ever offered a chance to take the course, this left me with the strange distinction of being the only CPIR on Hovercontrol.

We all had different reactions to finding out it’s gone, mine was a blend of disbelief and panic. All those years of advice and answers to common questions, that wealth of information about everything from IFR navigation to sim control tweaking… gone.

And the old friends, those who were still around… how to find them? Bats, Panther, Tom, Tedd, and many others…

Thank you to all those working to put helisimmer together, hopefully it can become the next Hovercontrol and be as much of a resource, and a home, as the original was for many years.

Scott Stoll
HC070NC “Vorlin” CPIR
Mainly MSFS2020, but also X-Plane 11 and rarely DCS

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Hey champ, long time no see :smiley: Theres a few of us working on getting Heli’s into MSFS now and we should have something soon to show everyone!