HAP Cougar Autopillot Not Working Now?

Hello all…I recently had to reinstall my FSX. I installed all my helicopters and also tried to install the HAP Autopilot freeware. I have always used this with no problems. For some reason when I tried to reinstall in the helicopter. Heres what is happening:

  1. The yellow power light is ON initially when helicopter fired up
  2. When I click the yellow light it goes off and the AP comes active
  3. When I pressed say, ALT, the helicopter does not stay at altitude, but I do see the ALT active measurement in the green numbers and reads out the altitude or whatever else mode I’m in

I’ve tried reinstalling and everything to no avail. I use DX10 and Steves Fixer but have had no problems before.

ANy ideas would be very helpful thanks…JB

The HAP Autopilot interesse me to, where can I find it and How I can install it ? Thks by answering ! :innocent: :helicopter: